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Weddings begin in Minnesota and Rhode Island
Gay and Lesbian couples can legally marry starting today in Rhode Island and Minnesota. About 30 percent of U.S. residents now live in states that recognize the freedom to marry.
Marriage equality legalized in England and Wales
Queen Elizabeth II swiftly gave her royal assent to marriage equality legislation after lawmakers formally adopted the bill last night. Gay and lesbian couples will be able to get married in England and Wales as early as next summer.
9 Years of marriage equality in Massachusetts
Nine years ago today gay and lesbian couples were able to get married in the United States for the first time ever. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued the nation’s first marriage equality victory
Minnesota Becomes Twelfth State with Marriage Equality, Governor Signs Legislation
Momentum is building rapidly across the nation in advance of a Supreme Court decision on the Prop. 8 case, with Minnesota becoming the third state in two weeks to recognize marriage equality.
Minnesota Legislature Approves Marriage Equality, Bill Heads to Governor
The bill now advances to Governor Mark Dayton, a champion of the legislation, who plans to sign the bill into law as early as tomorrow, Tuesday, May 14.
Marriage Bill Passes Minnesota House–Heads to the Senate
The Minnesota House passes marriage equality legislation 75-59. The bill now heads to the State Senate.
Marriage Equality Comes to Delaware
The momentum of marriage equality continues! On Tuesday, the Delaware Legislature passed—and Governor Jack Markell signed into law—marriage equality legislation, making the state the 11th to recognize the freedom to marry.
Former Pawlenty Staffer Urges Minnesota Republicans to Embrace Marriage Equality
Brian McClung urges Minnesota Republicans to embrace marriage equality in an Op/Ed published in today’s Star Tribune.
Rhode Island Legislature Passes Marriage Bill
The State Senate has approved marriage equality legislation by at 26-12 vote. The legislation will soon go to Governor Lincoln Chaffee, who has promised to sign it into law.
Video: Marriage Bill Advances in Delaware & More News
in this week's episode: Marriage equality continues to spread, with major milestones this week that span from the Great Lakes region to the Mid-Atlantic. Plus, New Zealand becomes the 13th country to legalize the freedom to marry, and international progress continues from Colombia to Vietnam.