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The Conservative Case for Marriage Equality

AFER Boardmember and former Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman wrote an Op/Ed in this weekend’s Star Tribune, urging Minnesota voters to reject a proposed ban on marriage for gay and lesbian couples:

The conservative case for same-sex marriage

What do Clint Eastwood, Dick Cheney, Ted Olson, and John Bolton have in common? All are strong, lifelong conservatives. Each has fought on behalf of smaller government. And all support the freedom of same-sex couples to marry.

As Minnesota voters consider the proposed constitutional marriage amendment, right-leaning voters should consider why these prominent conservatives believe the freedom to marry is consistent with our values.

Conservatives have built a broad coalition, united around a single goal: more freedom, less government. It’s key to our heritage and inherent to our DNA.

Freedom of Americans across all races is why the Republican Party was founded.

And our most important accomplishments, from the economic growth unleashed when we’ve lowered taxes and reduced regulation to the fall of the Berlin Wall, have resulted when we promoted freedom. Our concept of freedom is based in the Declaration of Independence, where every American was provided by their creator, not government, with the right to pursue happiness.

As former Vice President Dick Cheney noted in explaining why he supports civil marriage for all American couples, “freedom means freedom for everyone.” He’s right.

What freedom is more basic and personal than the right to marry the person you love?

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