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San Francisco Reading of “8″ Gets Rave Review

Sunday’s reading of the play “8″ in San Francisco received a glowing article by the San Francisco Chronicle:

With Holland Taylor of “The Practice” presiding as a gentlemanly, wry Judge Walker, “8″ unfolded within the trial’s closing arguments, with flashbacks to testimony. As staged by Mark Rucker, the large cast remained onstage for the 90-minute show, serving as a community of witnesses when not testifying.

Small, telling cameos were delivered by Perloff, Assembly Speaker John Pérez, leading gay activists Cleve Jones and Neil Giuliano, and actor Liam Vincent. The plum attorney roles were sharply delivered by former ACT star Gregory Wallace and California Shakespeare Theater head Jonathan Moscone - as anti-8 lawyers Theodore Olson and David Boies - and actor Kevin Rolston, tying himself in knots trying to defend the proposition.

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