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Poll: Majority of Latinos Support Marriage Equality

A new study  details LGBT acceptance and support within the Latino community.  The study by the National Council of La Raza and the public opinion research firm Social Science Research Solutions found that 54 percent of Latinos  support marriage equality.  

From the report:

With regard to support for legal gay marriage, Gallup has been tracking support within the overall U.S. population since 1996. They most recently found that 53 percent of Americans support legal gay 0% marriage. This compares quite nicely with our data on Hispanics, for whom 54 percent offered their support.

We found strong support for other policies as well in our data. Sixty-four percent of Latinos support civil unions. No less than 83 percent of Latinos support legal protections for hate crimes, job discrimination, housing discrimination, as well as support for healthcare and pension benefits for gay and lesbian couples. Over three out of four (78 %) support open military service.

Leslie Berestein Rojas at KPCC’s has some interesting analysis.

As conventional wisdom goes, Latinos are not the most tolerant group when it comes to accepting homosexuality. But this is more perception than reality, a new report says.

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