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Our Heroes – A Letter from Spencer & Elliott Perry

Most days, our moms Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, are just like any other parents. They remind us to do our chores and homework, come to our events, and encourage us to dream big and pursue our goals. But over the last four years, they’ve become more than moms to us – they have become our heroes.

Four years ago, when “Prop. 8” banned marriage for gay couples in California, our moms teamed up with another couple to it in federal court. Together, they have taken their case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which will soon decide whether that law is constitutional.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, or for us “Mothers’ Day.” When we were little, their favorite cards were the ones we made. Now that we are going off to college, it feels even more important to let our moms know how much we appreciate and admire them. Growing up, any kid would be lucky to have moms like ours. They packed our lunches every day and drove us to soccer and band practice. They were strict but loving, and always made us feel loved and supported.

For our entire lives, our blended family felt pretty typical. When Prop. 8 passed in 2008 we were in 8th grade, but well aware of how unfair that law was, and how it hurt our family. We thought the Constitution required that all people be treated equally. So we didn’t understand why California couldn’t do anything to stop such a discriminatory law from being enacted. When Kris & Sandy decided to stand up for our family and others just like us – we never felt luckier to be their sons. And in the four years since, we have worked to show people how important it is for all families to be treated equally under the law.

Next month is big for our family. As we graduate high school, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on Prop. 8. We believe that the Court will do what is right, but no matter what happens, we could not be more proud of our moms. They have taught us to stand up for what is right, help others, and that love is worth fighting for. And we hope that before we move into our dorm rooms, we will stand with our older brothers at our moms’ wedding.