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One year ago today – Victory at the Supreme Court

One year ago today, I stood on the steps of the United States Supreme Court and joined thousands of marriage equality supporters in congratulating our plaintiffs, Paul & Jeff and Kris & Sandy, for their victory in restoring the freedom to marry in California.

Just minutes before that, Edie Windsor became a national hero by ensuring that all loving married same-sex couples across the nation are treated equally and with dignity under federal law.

Take a look back at that exciting day:

Along with the hard work of numerous organizations fighting for marriage equality, we have succeeded in changing the national landscape. An overwhelming majority of Americans support full federal marriage equality, and in the past year over twenty pro-equality rulings have been handed down by courts across the country. The momentum is undeniable.

Though today is a momentous day, we still have much work to accomplish. Thirty states still deny loving gay and lesbian couples the right to marry. Over eighty federal and state lawsuits have been filed to strike down those discriminatory laws. AFER’s work continues in Virginia with Bostic v. Schaefer.

Our incomparable legal team, led by Ted Olson and David Boies, delivered a decisive victory to our plaintiffs, Tim & Tony and Mary & Carol, at district court. Appealed by the defendants to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, our case is fully briefed, and a decision is expected any day.

Our plaintiffs — and all Virginians and Americans alike — deserve their fundamental right to marry the person whom they love. Pledge your support today by donating to AFER so that we can continue our work in the fight for full federal marriage equality.

It is because of your support that thousands of gay and lesbian couples in California can now can enjoy their basic human right of marriage. All Virginians deserve the same. Your tax-deducitble donation today will ensure that one day soon, all Americans — from Richmond to Los Angeles or Raleigh to Little Rock — can finally have their freedom to marry affirmed.


Adam D. Umhoefer
Executive Director
American Foundation for Equal Rights

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