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New Digital Media Campaign Launches for Four States Facing Marriage in November

Less than 60 days remain until Election Day.

Marriage is on the ballot in four states – Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. We’ve already talked about how you can get involved with each campaign, along with the history of past efforts, polling and prospects of each state.

Now, a new digital media campaign, The Four 2012, provides you with daily actions to support each of the campaigns.

According to a press release:

“It’s Facebook and Twitter meets Rock the Vote for marriage equality. We want to energize young pro-equality voters in the Google age.”

The initiative was founded by Brian Ellner (a long-time gay rights advocate who helped spearhead the successful New York effort for marriage last year), Andre Banks (who also founded, Ryan Davis (from Blue State Digital), Jeremy Heimans (from Purpose), with a generous seed gift from co-founder Jason Goldberg.

Check out their inaugural video below, and stop by for more information.