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Marriage in Obama’s State of the Union

All eyes are on President Obama this week, as we wait to see if he’ll mention marriage equality in his State of the Union. Marriage bills win overwhelming approval in England and France, polling looks strong in Pennsylvania, and Indiana pushes a vote on an anti-gay amendment back to 2014.

President Obama’s State of the Union is slated for this Tuesday, February 12th. The big question is whether he’ll address the Prop. 8 and DOMA cases currently before the US Supreme Court. The administration has grown increasingly supportive of the freedom to marry. The latest move is a proposed policy change that would allow the spouses of gay and lesbian soldiers to access a few of the benefits as the spouses of straight soldiers.

Meanwhile, we’re closing in on oral argument in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases. March 26th and 27th are the big days. Make sure you’re subscribed here on YouTube and at to stay connected. These cases are going to make history in a matter of weeks.

Internationally, we’ve had a major step forward for marriage equality in the UK. Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has championed a marriage equality bill throughout his tenure. Now it’s won overwhelming support in the lower house of Parliament, with a 400 to 175 vote.

Cameron’s leadership on marriage is part of a larger global trend that’s we’ve been tracking for several years in the United States. Support for the freedom to marry is growing at a faster rate than ever before among conservative leaders. That includes attorneys like Ted Olson, who for the last four years has led the case to overturn Prop 8 along with David Boies.

In addition to the vote in the UK, the French National Assembly has passed  a marriage bill with a 249 and 97 vote. If it passes the Senate, the bill may become law before the summer.

And there’s more good news here in the states. A new poll from Pennsylvania shows 52 percent support marriage equality with 41 percent opposed. A new study from Hawaii shows that marriage equality would bring tens of millions of dollars to the state. Marriage bills and a lawsuit are pending in Hawaii.

Lawmakers in Indiana have delayed a bill that would add a marriage ban to the state constitution. It may be back next year, depending on how the US Supreme Court rules. A December poll from Ball State University showed just 38% of voters supporting the Indiana bill.

And a marriage equality bill in Illinois is moving quickly towards approval. A Senate committee approved the bill 9 to 5 this week. It may get a full Senate vote on February 14 — Valentine’s Day.

We’re likely to see some major developments in the states over the next few days. And we’ll have the latest news on the national work to win marriage at the Supreme Court. Subscribe here on YouTube and at to stay connected.