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Google’s History of Support for LGBT Equality

Google yesterday announced its new “Legalise Love” campaign to promote LGBT equality in countries where the global company has offices.

In its blog post announcing the initiative, Google notes:

At Google, we encourage people to bring their whole selves to work. In our more than 70 offices around the world, we’re committed to cultivating a work environment where Googlers can be  themselves and thrive. Legalise Love is our drive to ensure that all of our employees have the same inclusive experience outside of the office as they do at work.

The company has a history of supporting LGBT equality, including its opposition to California’s Proposition 8. Earlier this year, Google made the live stream of the Los Angeles Premiere of “8” possible. It was the first time a nonprofit had streamed live on YouTube, the video of which has been viewed over 850,000 times.