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Former Pawlenty Staffer Urges Minnesota Republicans to Embrace Marriage Equality

Brian McClung, the former press secretary, director of communications and deputy chief of staff to Gov. Tim Pawlenty, urges Minnesota Republicans to embrace marriage equality in an Op/Ed published in today’s Star Tribune.

He writes:

“The trajectory of human history is toward greater freedom and tolerance. It is equally true that political discourse often lags the public as freedom moves inevitably forward.

“That’s the case now as legislators consider allowing all Minnesotans the freedom to marry the person they choose. In my party, some Republicans have been reluctant to support same-sex marriage. But it shouldn’t be so difficult — this is another area where less government is better government.

“Put another way, who do you want deciding who should get married: individuals or politicians?

“If we’re going to be the small-government party, getting government out of the business of marriage seems to be a natural step. Conservatives believe in the rights of individuals and personal responsibility. Allowing people to marry the person they love — building strong commitments and communities along the way — helps foster personal responsibility.”

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After defeating a constitutional amendment that would have banned marriage for gay and lesbian couples, legislators in the state are now considering legislation that would recognize marriage equality. Twin bills have passed in both the House Civil Law Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee. Find out more about the legislation and state’s history with marriage.

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