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Video: Dueling Briefs in Leadup to Supreme Court Fight & More News
In this week's episode: The Defense of Marriage Act has some powerful enemies, with strongly-worded opposition coming this week from some familiar names. A flawed study on LGBT parenting is also under attack, with its author now under investigation. All that and more news.
The Myths of GOP Support for LGBT Equality
Is the GOP deeply anti-gay? Hardly, according to the Cato Institute’s David Lampo, who tackles that question in a Los Angeles Times Op/Ed today.
Unconditional: Raul and Ted’s Love Story
“When the chemistry and the dynamics are there, you just know,” says Ted Hallowell of falling in love with his partner of over 30 years, Raul Fernandez.
“8” National Spotlight: Dustin Lance Black Returns to Salinas, California
The message of marriage equality has spread to Salinas, California, where local theatre programs The Western Stage and 2x4 BASH are preparing for a reading of '8' the play.
Marriage Equality Is a Mainstream Value (Infographic)
Over a dozen national polls have shown that a majority of Americans support marriage equality for gay and lesbian Americans. The Center for American Progress summarizes and analyzes recent polling.
Google’s History of Support for LGBT Equality
Google yesterday announced its new “Legalise Love” campaign to promote LGBT equality in countries where the global company has offices. The company has a history of supporting LGBT equality, including the L.A. premiere of “8.”
Video: Multiple Marriage Cases Heading to Supreme Court & More News
In this week's Marriage News Watch: All eyes are on the Supreme Court, with a big marriage showdown shaping up on the horizon and more news.
Photo: Marriage Equality is not a Conservative or a Liberal Issue
During the 2010 trial of Prop. 8, famed conservative attorney Ted Olson wrote a cover story for Newsweek.