American Foundation for Equal Rights

Equality Transcends the Politics of Left and Right

John Podesta and Robert Levy’s recent op-ed in the Washington Post proves what so many of us believe – when it comes to equality, there is no left and right. Our two latest advisory board members recently said:

We are not joining the foundation’s advisory board to present a ‘bipartisan’ front. Rather, we have come together in a nonpartisan fashion because the principle of equality before the law transcends the left-right divide and cuts to the core of our nation’s character. This is not about politics; it’s about an indispensable right vested in all Americans.

Sign Podesta and Levy’s statement that “equal treatment under the law is an indispensable right”. The fun begins once you signnext find your ideological opposite who agrees with you on this issue and encourage them to sign it too. You can help prove that the public is prepared to “catch up with the Constitution.”

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