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October 2012

Brad Pitt Donates $100,000 for Marriage Efforts
Actor Brad Pitt – who portrayed Chief Judge Vaughn Walker in the Los Angeles premiere of “8” –is matching all donations to HRC's marriage efforts today, up to $100,000. All gifts will help in the four states where marriage is on the ballot.
Iowa Judge Targeted For Marriage Equality Decision
Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins is being targeted by groups like NOM for his vote that struck down the state's ban on marriage equality in 2009.
Date Set: US Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Prop. 8 and DOMA Cases
The U.S. Supreme Court has announced that it will consider whether to grant review in AFER's federal constitutional challenge to California's Proposition 8.
Under Oath: Prop. 8 Witness Supports Marriage Equality Arguments
Here’s what happened when Prop. 8 was put on trial: We had 17 witnesses, they had only 2. And when witnesses raise their right hand, they swear to tell the whole truth, even their own witness supported our case.
AFER Debunks NOM’s New Propaganda Video
NOM's latest propaganda piece is an attractive “Marriage 101” video that includes claims that NOM knows are not true – claims that AFER’s all-star legal team expertly debunked during the 2010 federal district court trial of Prop. 8.
Making a Difference: Jenni and Lisa’s Love Story
In June 2011, Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols of San Francisco began a year-long trip that covered 15 countries across Asia, Africa and South America.
Debunked: Anti-Gay Ad in Washington
A new just launched in Washington, and it's a carbon-copy of the same misleading, hurtful messages used in other states. AFER takes a look at the new Washington ad and breaks it down.
New Survey Sheds Light on Number of LGBT Americans
In the largest study about the distribution of LGBT Americans, Gallup has estimated that 3.4% of the American population identifies as LGBT.
Marriage News Watch: Strikeout #8 for DOMA and More News
Another ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act. A former Prop. 8 supporter releases a new video explaining his change of heart. And polling on marriage in key states remains very close just days out from the election.
Star Witness Urges Minnesota Voters to Reject Marriage Ban (Video)
The star witness for Prop. 8 appears in a new video for Minnesotans United for All Families, urging voters to reject a state ban on marriage for gay and lesbian couples.